The Green People Project

Leadership is an active, addicting, glorious dynamic of building your potential.

Leadership is also a slow, aggravating, heartbreaking collection of your setbacks and stumbles.

Yes! Both of these statements are true.

There is no easy leadership route. But there is definitely a smart way to build your support system and inspiration to keep you moving. You need to find your Green People. No, these are not martians. Green People are your Circle of Influencers.

These are the people who inspire you, who make you feel alive, who make you want to do more, who encourage you to try one more time.

You are the average of those you most often associate. Think of the friends and colleagues you spend time. What does the average of this group say about you?

Be proactive. Expect the best. Find your green people!

Here is the The Green People Project Card.

Enjoy the magic of building your leadership & life!