It’s not WHAT you are. It’s WHO you are.

Leaders — It’s not WHAT you are. It’s WHO you are. Your reputation is your resume. It’s those things that you do when no one is watching. That’s what defines you. In those BIG moments . . . When you’re exhausted yet still have more to do. When you’re almost at deadline yet forget the…


Officer Toolkit — Leadership Tools to Start Right

Officer Leadership Toolkit Newly elected officers? You want to do a great job. You want to serve others and make a difference. You want to do everything. Sometimes this leads to early burnout. The Officer Toolkit gives you four tools to start right away and start strong. Focusing on these four tools will help build…


The Green People Project

Leadership is an active, addicting, glorious dynamic of building your potential.

Leadership is also a slow, aggravating, heartbreaking collection of your setbacks and stumbles.

Yes! Both of these statements are true.

There is no easy leadership route. But there is definitely a smart way to build your support system and inspiration to keep you moving. You need to find your Green People. No, these are not martians. Green People are your Circle of Influencers.

These are the people who inspire you, who make you feel alive, who make you want to do more, who encourage you to try one more time.

You are the average of those you most often associate. Think of the friends and colleagues you spend time. What does the average of this group say about you?

Be proactive. Expect the best. Find your green people!

Here is the The Green People Project Card.

Enjoy the magic of building your leadership & life!



SIT UP! Decide What You Want to Be

SIT UP! — Decide What You Want to Be As a keynote speaker and leadership trainer working with leaders, it is so rewarding when emerging leaders start to realize they’re having an impact. Boom! Whether it’s a: conversation with a member needing some direction email from someone who wants to take on a larger leadership…


Building a Legacy – Moving From “We Should . . .” to “We Did!”

A legacy of leadership in action! A perfect example of someone taking the step to make something happen, instead of simply wishing it were true. That was my experience with the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association Leadership Academy. Every attendee was truly engaged and spoke with such pride for the experience, the organization, and the…


Focus on Your “Near Here” First

Leadership starts “near here” and grows to “out there. Impressive to start a movement? Heck Yes! Impressive to lead positive change in a large organization? For Sure! Impressive to embrace and affirm the people closest to you? Undoubtedly! Impressive to give your confidants “first dibs” to time on your calendar? Monumental! In a world where…


Don’t Cheat the World Out Of Your Wonderful!

The mantra is — Don’t Cheat the World Out of Your Wonderful! What does that mean? Your wonderful is that amazing and quirky collection of talents and gifts that make you who you are. These are the gifts you have to give the world. This is what you should search for, celebrate and embrace. It…


Engagement Leads to “Cultures of Success” — Learning from Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon! The image lives today as a symbol of engagement. Everyone rolling up their sleeves to do their part. The image exists because a young 19-year-old woman, Mary Doyle Keefe said “yes” to her neighbor Norman Rockwell who asked her to pose for the picture he was creating. For a…


Stay Away From Mean People or “The Green People Project”

Those who know me and my work know I am undoubtedly a positive person.  Some may “poo poo” the intention of being positive as silly or unrealistic.  But the research resoundingly tells a different story. There are limitless benefits of being positive. Positive people live longer. (study of senior citizens and nuns) Positive people recognize…


Women, Fraternities & Ferguson – Leadership Lesson from Prudence Crandall

Women. Fraternities. Ferguson.  – Leadership Lesson from Prudence Crandall Three words when clumped together infer only negative press and someone being victimized. It feels like someone is stirring the pot of all things that are uncomfortable and undesirable. These are the stories featured at the top of the news. Yes, it can be depressing and…