The Smile Train Project!

Would you like to have an energizing, nationally-known speaker at your event, while participating in an important community service project? 

Apply For the Project Now!

What is The Project?

Since 2007 Patty has chosen Smile Train as her philanthropic focus.  She offers three FREE speeches each year to benefit the Smile Train.  Instead of paying her speaking fee, Patty’s only request is for all her travel expenses and a donation to Smile Train to pay for at least one child’s cleft lip repair operation.  That’s only $250.00 for one operation.  But, the more donations, the better.

Why is Patty doing this?

Patty’s son was born with a cleft lip and palette in 2003. Luckily, she lives in America and has the resources to afford the surgical repairs. Max is a beautiful, articulate boy with hardly a scar. Patty wants to help other less fortunate children have the same benefits. And you can help.

Patty often has to say no to groups that can’t afford her normal fee, even if she’d like to work with them.  The Smile Train Project is a great way for Patty to serve these groups.

How Do You Apply?

Patty’s Smile Train Project is for those groups who normally don’t have the budget to hire a professional speaker . If you or someone you know wants to be considered, simply fill out the Smile Train Project Form.  To learn more about The Smile Train organization, just click on the link

Who might want to apply?

  • District or regional programs
  • Community Leadership Days
  • Career Fests
  • Service Learning Programs
  • State conferences with small memberships (and budgets)