Patty inspires people to take action, get traction and build momentum to move in the right direction. Patty engages people to laugh, learn and create results that matter.

Own It. Grow It. Be It.

This high-energy and interactive session engages attendees in a journey exploring ways to commit to building a personal and professional culture that encourages and celebrates growth. Program includes experiential activities, stories and group discussion. Themes most often included are:

  • Focusing on positive outcomes
  • Reflecting and knowing your truths
  • Creating your circle of influence
  • Supporting those you lead
  • Identifying the core actions to build trust
  • Engaging others
  • Focusing on your competence which leads to your confidence

Fingerprints of Leadership

What’s Your Legacy? – Successfully Moving from Self-Leadership to Peer-Leadership

This high-energy and interactive session combines reflection, activity, stories and discussions to strengthen personal and professional impact upon people and organizations. Themes most often included are:

  • Understanding your greatest influencers
  • Identifying major success strategies of influencers
  • Reflecting upon both successes & setbacks in achievement
  • Exploring differences of “getting it done” and “doing it well”
  • Learning strategies to share and set expectations
  • Understanding role modeling and mentorship
  • Getting Beyond the Busy
  • Assuming Positive Intent
  • Creating a Talent Mindset

What’s Your Motivation?

Matching People and Passions

This high-energy and interactive session helps individuals identify their personal motivational forces and learn how to best match people to projects. With activities and large group discussion we’ll find and celebrate our own successes. You could even win a nice prize! Themes most often included are:

  • Identifying personal motivational forces
  • Learning language to best reach different motivational forces
  • Understanding dynamics of change to support others
  • Exploring the velocity of momentum and its effects on group success
  • Understanding the importance of aligning expectations

Motivation Ambush

With a Little Woo Hoo Everything is Easier To Do

This high-energy and interactive session creates an environment to feel the power of energy and positive actions. Large group activities, small group discussions and “real-life” scenarios help participants feel both success and failure. This session is tons of activity and fun ways to both win and redefine winning. We often respond with “Don’t cheat the world out of your wonderful!” It’s a positive ambush when you need a lift.  Themes most often included are:

  • Understanding the realities of team building and project management
  • Exploring the differences of “getting it done” and “doing it well”
  • Defining winning strategies for “team” success
  • Celebrating the power of personal and professional success
  • Sharing a multitude of inspirational resources
  • Identifying personal and pivotal events/moments which lead to growth
  • A Toolbox for Teams to Work (45-minute to full day interactive session)
  • What`s Your Motivation? Working Smarter Not Harder
  • Make Your Message Stick! Ways to WOW Your Audience
  • Are You Running Meetings or Running FROM Meetings?