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A Leadership Experience


A Leadership Experience is an easy-to-use reference manual of over 200 pages of leadership fundamentals. Some of the topics are: presentation skills; motivation; meeting skills; conflict management; and inspirational quotations. This is a great resource for the organizational leader.

Activity Energizer Resource Booklet


Over 101 Ideas to Liven-Up Your Organization Activity Energizer Resource Booklet is a collection of ways to energize, reward, mix, inspire and liven-up your group. The booklet is an excellent and easy-to-use resource for officers at any level in the organization

Dining Etiquette with Patty Hendrickson


Dining Etiquette is a professionally produced video showing the basics of dining etiquette – Place cards; Place Settings; Passing Dishes; Table & Conversation Etiquette; Courses; Napkins; Niceties; and Meal Interview Tips. The versatile DVD can be for personal use; stand-alone classroom/workshop content; or accompanied with a meal.

So What Now? Keeping it Real


This is your little booklet for your big adventure. Too often we return from a conference or impactful event and just get back to our normal routine. This booklet is designed to help you keep your energy and commitment high and focused after a great event. It’s all about keeping it real!

Who I Am Depends On Me!


A Smorgasbord of Tidbits for the Head and the Heart Who I Am Depends on Me! is for everyone exploring themselves and their world. Over 200 pages of fun-to-read stories, questions, essays and poems. Over 150 quotations from Aristotle to Oprah Winfrey make this book a wonderful inspirational resource.